Face Mist is a new addition to the skincare routine with many merits and is experiencing a lot of hype. Being such a useful product, it is hardly surprising that face mists have become the talk of the town.

For all those of you who do not know what face mists are all about, here is a list of reasons why you should be including face mists in your skincare regimen.

  • Tired after a long day at work? Spritzing your face with a face mist can perk up your tired-looking skin and give it a refreshing look and feel. In this way, your energy is renewed and you are ready to add more stuff to accomplish to your day.

  • Face mists moisturize your skin instantly. Spraying a face mist is like washing your face properly and feeling refreshed after. The difference is that there is no hassle of actually making a trip to the washroom as a bottle of face mist can simply be kept on your desk or carried in your bag to let you moisturize your skin whenever you want.

  • Face mists have huge benefits particularly for people with dry skin. Needless to say, people with dry skin need to constantly moisturize their face. Face mists, famed for their moisturizing abilities, provide an instant boost of hydration which is much needed by their skin.

  • Face mist contains ingredients nourishing to the skin. Apart from nurturing your skin with its hydrating properties, some face mists are composed of naturally nourishing components such as coconut oil, rose water, lavender and much more to improve your skin health.

  • Going out in the sun? Face Mists that come with sunscreen properties can help you shield your skin from direct sun. The sunscreen sprays are applied to the skin like a regular face mist and offer additional sun protection. So no need of rubbing profuse sunscreen cream on your skin when you can just spray it on with your face mist.

  • Face mists are not just about hydration but also about enhancing your look. Face mist sprays also come with a shimmer and give your skin a glow boost. Self-tanning waters available in the market can be spritzed onto your face for bronzed skin.

Add an FSAS face mist to your daily skincare routine and reap the myriad benefits it presents for your skin!

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