Lilly Body & Hair Care

Lilly Body & Hair Care

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A finely wrapped present renews zeal and excitement at the receiving end. Gift your loved ones nourishing FSAS skincare products and add an element of surprise by choosing the exciting gift wrapping option.

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Keep your skin nourished and revitalized by practicing a little self-care and tending to it the way you tend to your face. Endow a softer, smoother texture to your skin with FSAS Complete Skincare Set and gift your loved ones or yourself radiant skin with FSAS.

The Skin & Hair Care set includes:

-FSAS Nourishing Shampoo ( 250ml) with Vanilla and Vitamin E fights hair fall and protects hair from daily wear and tear.

-FSAS Shower Gel (250) with Apple and Vitamin E provides deep nourishment into the surface layers of the skin and leaves one feeling fresh and hydrated.

-FSAS Nourishing Body Cream (250) with Honey & Olive hydrates and provides one with smoother, softer skin.


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